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About our company

GRAVitate Limited Liability Company, a certified WBE, was established in 2015. Our mission is to provide clients across the U.S. with the absolute best advice and service for complying with Federal environmental laws and providing geographic information systems (GIS) and other technological solutions with a highly skilled professional team using common sense, client-focus, and practical experience. Drawing from our modest Texas origins, we prioritize relationships as a primary means toward prosperity. We work for family and hope to build partnerships through our diligent work efforts in such a way we eventually can call our clients kin.

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Natalie J. Graves, M.A.

The Owner

Natalie Graves is a highly qualified archaeologist with a strong understanding of Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Intermountain West archaeology. Ms. Graves received her M.A. in anthropology from the University of Oklahoma (2006). Ms. Graves is a Registered Professional Archaeologist and has more than 16 years of cultural resource management experience, with the last 10 years leading cultural resource investigations as the Field Director or Principal Investigator. Ms. Graves has a long track record of successfully working closely with agencies and been responsible for conducting and managing cultural resource projects throughout the Plains, Rocky Mountains, and Intermountain West. Ms. Graves is knowledgeable of state antiquities codes and is very familiar with the National Historic Preservation Act and the requirements of federal regulatory agencies such as the BLM, USFS, FCC, FERC, USACE, DOE, DOD, and the EPA. Ms. Graves can competently complete all background research incorporating current and past archaeological data from literature reviews, reports, maps, and GIS data, to produce various levels of required documentation to include Class I reviews, ethnographic overviews, and Phase I or Phase II reports. Archaeological field work and reporting expertise includes extensive use of GPS data collecting using Trimble units and TerraSync, downloading and uploading shapefiles, and producing and submitting cultural resource finds forms as required by each federal and state agency. Additional non-cultural skills include inspecting equipment at oil and gas sites across multiple states for EPA permit compliance, and collecting water and soil samples for WDEQ Wyoming Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (WYPDES) permit compliance and reporting requirements at coal bed natural gas and conventional oil well facilities.

Adam C. Graves, Ph.D.

The Guru

The proud product of Crandall High School, Texas and an alumni of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Wyoming, Dr. Graves has 20 years experience providing environmental permitting (NEPA/NHPA), certified project management, and cultural/archaeological/tribal/historic architectural resources expertise. He has planned, managed and provided technical expertise for all aspects of small to large environmental projects. Dr. Graves has demonstrated success assisting clients with permit acquisition and compliance, and defining the level of environmental analysis required for projects.

David Graves

The Wizard

David has 15 years experience helping small businesses leverage the latest technologies. David has a track record of successfully delivering projects including web and mobile applications, voice-enabled technology, IoT, data analysis, and GIS technologies. He is able to deliver high-quality results, while keeping costs down, giving clients a product that they can rely on for years to come.